Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dog Days Update

I hope I'm not tempting the weather gods when I say I've known hotter Augusts. Someone told me today that another heat wave is on the way, but otherwise it's been pretty nice here in Brooklyn, and I've had a few good nights in the backyard this year, which goes a long way to counter balance the hours and hours at the drawing table.

I just recently finished penciling 164 pages of CURSES! FOILED AGAIN, the follow-up to the FOILED graphic novel with writer Jane Yolen. Now it's on to lettering and inking which should take a few months. Here's a page of pencil roughs:

I've also been working on a side project with writer J.M. DeMatteis, my one-time collaborator on The Life And Times of Savior 28. This one's very different from that, though, and here's a crazy double-page spread to prove it:

Lastly, Psychic Volt records will be releasing some songs I recorded with a band 15 years ago and never did anything with. It will be an L.P. Show of hands, who still knows what that is? Here's the front cover for the album artwork:

Now, back to work!