Friday, April 1, 2011

William Dunn on Batman: The Brave & The Bold

For a lot of the past year I had the opportunity to work on the Batman: The Brave & The Bold animated series as a background painter. The chance came via my long-time friend William Dunn, the Background Color Supervisor on the show, whom I've known since our days as students at the Joe Kubert School.
Bill's been out in L.A. for a number of years and has not only had an impressive career in the animation industry, but is an even more accomplished painter on the side.

I was already a fan of the show, so when the schedule got tight and Bill needed help, I was more than happy to pitch in.

Getting to work on a smoothly run production like this one, and on such a well-done homage to one of my favorite characters, was a rare and much appreciated opportunity. I also learned a lot from Bill, who knew exactly the results he wanted and how to get them.

World's Finest Online recently posted this interesting and insightful interview with Bill.

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