Monday, April 11, 2011

Giving it away

Jim Amash: How did copyrighting CAPTAIN AMERICA occur to you?

Joe Simon: "At 24 years old, I was just trying to make a living. I was a product of the times... it was the Depression and I was just happy to make a living. We all were. All of us were like homeless people, happy for anything we got. People say, "Well the Shusters and the Siegels, and the Simons and the Kirbys were stupid. They gave away everything." But we never even thought about it that way.

Timely's chief accountant was Maurice Coyne, a guy who promoted that for me; he didn't like them very much... It was his idea that we arrange some kind of a 25% royalty for me. I gave Kirby part of it, but it was hardly anything. Maurice took me aside on day and told me they were putting all the office expenses, all the salaries and everything, on Captain America."

-Alter Ego #76

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